Today is my fourth day going wheat-free, except my little accident yesterday but I’m not going to include that.

It’s quite challenging going without the wheat but I think I’m getting into the swing of it. What I’ve noticed is that I’m going through my vegetables way quicker. It’s great. My intake of veg has gone up heaps! Usually I go shopping either Thursday night or the weekend depending how busy I am. I can usually push it to the weekend if I need to because I’ll almost always have leftover veg. But this week, I think I will have eaten it all!

The first couple of days I felt a little light-headed but that seems to have passed. No ill effects at all today.

When I got home from work today I hadn’t taken anything out of the freezer and my usual go-to meal is wholemeal pasta, or a quick healthy pizza with wholemeal pitta bread. I didn’t have many options today!

So for dinner I made a pasta sauce absolutely loaded with vegetables and cooked a small potato in the microwave, and topped it with the veg sauce and some parmesan cheese. Delish!

Yesterday I made this quinoa, cauliflower and broccoli salad and had leftovers for lunch today.

I weighed myself this morning and minimal effect. Down about a kilo from the weekend, but I often fluctuate that much even if I weigh myself first thing in the morning.



Slip up, but still wheat-free

Bloody supermarkets and their two-for-one offers!

I was really hanging for some chocolate yesterday, and not wanting to restrict or deprive myself in fear of bingeing I went to the supermarket and purchased something. Why do supermarkets have two-for-one offers! I hate it. I would rather pay the regular price for an item, but I can never seem to say no to the deal.

So I had my one chocolate last night, and knowing the second chocolate was in the cupboard I had to eat it shortly after! I’m frustrated in myself, mostly for buying it in the first place. And for not having the control to just let it sit in the cupboard.

I guess having one extra chocolate bar is not really a binge….but I feel a bit guilty. Maybe I’m just analysing the situation a bit too much.

An update on going wheat-free. All is going well. I haven’t had any wheat. Um wait, actually I think I might have had a small amount because I had some crumbed chicken. But it would have been less wheat than if I had a slice of bread or a bowl of pasta so I’m not going to stress about that.

It’s really tough to eat out and find something healthy that doesn’t have wheat in it. I was in a café and wanting a light lunch and all they had was sandwiches, fried food, or sweet slices. No variety or anything healthy. I ended up going without.

I felt a bit lightheaded yesterday. That might have something to do with going gluten-free for a couple of days – I have read that you can have gluten withdrawal. Sounds odd and not a hundred per cent sure that was it, but it went away after an hour or so when I drank heaps of water and had something to eat.

Still feeling very motivated about the wheat-free thing. I feel kind of bloat-free that I think before I used to mistake for feeling full after a meal. Interesting. Keen to see how I feel after a few more days.


Naturopath, thyroid and wheat

Late last year I visited a naturopath because I was struggling to lose weight. It was at a time when I didn’t really acknowledge my issues with food. I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I did binge, but listening to others speak on the Quit Binge Eating podcast it’s quite common to a) not realise you’re binge eating at the moment (I recall sometimes stopping, and realising I had been eating) and b) when I think back I don’t think I remember all the binge eating that I’ve done over the years, it kind of blends into the background.

Anyway, so I went to the naturopath to get some advice about losing weight. I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way and weightwatchers had never worked for me, and I hated lite and easy food (yuck). Friends had done juice fasts but the results never last.

When you first visit a naturopath they get you to do blood tests to check for the usual things, one being thyroid.

When I went to the GP to pick up my results, he said everything was normal.

I took my result to the naturopath and she said that my thyroid was mildly underactive (hypothyroid). I told her what the GP had said and she said that in the view of mainstream medical practitioners their window for normal is much smaller, but she advised that if I look after my diet (more fruit and veg) and take herbal supplements I can help my thyroid issue before it gets so bad it has an impact and I need to take medication.


So as a result of my mild thyroid issue I find it a bit harder to lose weight – it’s not impossible, but progress is slow.

I’ve been reading up on the link between gluten/wheat and hypothyroidism and even though I won’t get into the technical stuff, people who have hypothyroidism are generally encouraged to avoid wheat. (Google wheat and thyroid for more info)

So I’m going to do a test. I’m going to cut out wheat for a bit to see if that has any impact on my weight or how I feel.

I think it’s going to be tough because I love bread!  I don’t eat white bread or anything, or even that much bread. But I love wholemeal pitta bread and often use it to make a quick healthy pizza or wrap.

So here we go.

Wish me luck.