Does my mood affect my eating or does my eating affect my mood?

I’ve been feeling really good this last week or so.

Exercising regularly, eating well without crazy restriction and very minimal sugar. Whenever I’m on the high road I always wonder how long it is going to last. Work has been going really well, compared to my last job from a few months ago it is awesome.

I am also just in a really good mood. All the time. Which is great, but how long will it last?


I know this isn’t going to last and I’ve previously posted, I think, about maintaining all these positive things when things stop going well.

I don’t even know how to break down or identify when things start to go down, or even why.

Sometimes I think it’s because I stop exercising, which affects my endorphins which affects my sleep and it starts the downward cycle.

Other times I think it has something to do with my eating. Either eating a lot of processed food or sugar that affects my mood, or maybe it’s more biological than that and affects my gut. I’ve read about the link between gut health and depression. Not that I’m depressed but there is clearly a link there and I wish I knew what came first.

Does my mood affect my eating or does my eating affect my mood?

In all likelihood it is both.

So continuing this path of acceptance and self-love that I talked about in my previous post, I guess all I can do is recognise that I will go up and down. Things are never always going to be great and accepting that is a good thing. I’ve struggled a lot with quite extreme black and white thinking in the past and it’s a tough thought pattern to break.

Onward and upward xx



Thinking positive

Well after my crappy day yesterday I thought I’d try to pick myself up today. I thought I might share some sources of inspiration.

I’ve been listening to the Quit Binge Eating podcasts….a lot.

I discovered this podcast about a week and a half ago, and every day I’ve been listening. It’s hosted by this guy – Alen Standish – who has a history of binge eating. He doesn’t have a medical or mental health background, he just started the podcast to share his experiences. He has lots of guests including therapists and other people who experience binge eating disorder.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re feeling like you need some inspiration and information.

The link to the website is listed in my ‘Stuff I like’ page and available on itunes.

I’d also recommend reading Brain over Binge by Kathryn Hansen. She talks about binge eating urges as being a primal, addictive voice from the lower part of the brain. By thinking of urges like this you can separate them from your higher, intelligent self.

Worth a read.