Slip up, but still wheat-free

Bloody supermarkets and their two-for-one offers!

I was really hanging for some chocolate yesterday, and not wanting to restrict or deprive myself in fear of bingeing I went to the supermarket and purchased something. Why do supermarkets have two-for-one offers! I hate it. I would rather pay the regular price for an item, but I can never seem to say no to the deal.

So I had my one chocolate last night, and knowing the second chocolate was in the cupboard I had to eat it shortly after! I’m frustrated in myself, mostly for buying it in the first place. And for not having the control to just let it sit in the cupboard.

I guess having one extra chocolate bar is not really a binge….but I feel a bit guilty. Maybe I’m just analysing the situation a bit too much.

An update on going wheat-free. All is going well. I haven’t had any wheat. Um wait, actually I think I might have had a small amount because I had some crumbed chicken. But it would have been less wheat than if I had a slice of bread or a bowl of pasta so I’m not going to stress about that.

It’s really tough to eat out and find something healthy that doesn’t have wheat in it. I was in a café and wanting a light lunch and all they had was sandwiches, fried food, or sweet slices. No variety or anything healthy. I ended up going without.

I felt a bit lightheaded yesterday. That might have something to do with going gluten-free for a couple of days – I have read that you can have gluten withdrawal. Sounds odd and not a hundred per cent sure that was it, but it went away after an hour or so when I drank heaps of water and had something to eat.

Still feeling very motivated about the wheat-free thing. I feel kind of bloat-free that I think before I used to mistake for feeling full after a meal. Interesting. Keen to see how I feel after a few more days.



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