Bad day

Today I had a bad day. Some frustrating news this afternoon. I was also feeling a bit stressed.

I came home and ate a salmon salad. I ate too much of it. Then had an ice cream cone that had been in the freezer for a week (that’s a long time for me).

Then I had some chocolate.

It wasn’t a huge binge. But it feels like it a binge because I know I didn’t need that food. I know I had it because I was frustrated and feeling stressed and a bit overwhelmed by some things going on in my life.

The last week has been so good, but I think the frustration and anxiety built up and by over eating something, even something healthy, I fell into the trap of a binge.

Usually I would have this internal struggle and want to make up for it tomorrow by eating light and cutting back, but I know restricting is not the way to go. It pushes me to binge if I let myself get really hungry.

I’m disappointed in myself but I’m not going to let this one small slip set me back. It’s just one small slip and compared to other binges it was quite small.


I’m going to go listen to some of the Quit Binge Eating podcasts.


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