What doesn’t work (for me)

I’m still trying to find what works for me. That is, what helps me overcome binge-eating. I’m still looking, but I do have some tips up my sleeve (for a later post). But I have come far enough to know what DOESN’T work for me!

1. Don’t restrict!

Yes I’m trying to lose weight. I also have problems with binging. But as soon as I start to live on the salads and fruit and not much else, and my calorie intake goes down I am usually heading for a binge!

However, if I eat enough and fill up on the good stuff I can usually avoid a binge (not fail safe, but much better than restricting).

2. I can’t count calories

I’ve tried using mobile phone apps that keep tab of my calories and exercise, but it forces me to pay even more attention to food than what I usually do. I already can’t stop thinking about food! This is crazy, I don’t know why I even started using the app….seemed like a good idea at the time, but one day my calories would be way too low and the next they were so high I wouldn’t even bother to enter them in the app I was so ashamed of myself.

3. I can’t keep a food diary

Ditto on the above.

Way too much focus on food. It works better for me, if food is just food. I plan ahead, I do weekly grocery shopping so I’m pretty organised. But that’s where it has to stop. I just find myself getting obsessed way too easily.

4. Don’t go shopping hungry

I’ve put this in because it used to be true.

I’ve just read Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen and using the tools in the book I was able to go shopping the other day, when I was absolutely starving! I only had a banana for breakfast and it was about 2pm, and I was able to overcome that little voice that pushed me towards the chocolate and the chips. Previously, I would be dropping everything into my basket.

So I’ve added this one to my list, but fingers crossed I can overcome that urge again if I’m ever in the same situation.

Sorry for such a pessimistic blog…it’s a bit glass half empty so I’ll have to make the next one much more optimistic!


2 thoughts on “What doesn’t work (for me)

  1. It is the food diary bit I really struggle with and it is supposed to be part of my treatment – I see the logic – because it’s not just tracking food, it’s tracking what my emotions, mood etc where like at the time and then it helps me tackle what caused my binge, but writing it down is so hard!

    There is an app called Recovery Record which is amazing though, you track what you’re eating but not rigidly, you can’t count calories etc but the the mood tracker etc is invaluable.

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