Surround yourself

Over the last year I have done so much reading of online resources, blogs and websites on binge eating. I have watched so many you tube channels to hear of someone’s similar experiences.

It was helpful. I didn’t feel so isolated. I could hear what worked for other people. It gave me inspiration and hope that I could get past my own demons.

But eventually I reached a limit where I felt tired and weighed down. I was focusing too much on the issues that other people had.

I needed positive inspiration!

I started watching some you tube videos and reading the blogs of super healthy people that I admired (I’ve listed some of my faves on the ‘stuff I like’ page). Even though these super healthy people (health nuts shall we call them?) were uber hardcore raw food vegans I find them incredibly motivating. They have inspired me and given me so many ideas and motivation to add more healthy options to my life.

Thanks to them I now eat much more raw food than I ever have. I juice and make smoothies regularly and feel great. I’m sleeping so much better than I used to and this is the first winter that I have gotten through (remember I’m in Australia, so winter has just passed) that I haven’t had a chest infection or some kind of virus that had me laid up at home for a few days. I really put it down to the positive changes I have made to my food intake (I’m not using the d-word!)

I  still struggle with binging, and when I binge I always go for the sweets and the chips. But my regular non-binge food is really healthy (Does anyone else eat like this?)

So my suggestion for anyone fighting their own issues with food, is read up and find out more about what’s going on with you….but also find people who are living lives that you admire!

Here’s some of my favourite inspirational music by the lovely Xavier Rudd…enjoy


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